Service Award

The Service Award established by John Everitt in 2006 recognizes Great South Bay Yacht Racing Association volunteers for their long time involvement and dedication to the organization. The President, 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents, and the two most recent Past Presidents select recipients when they deem to honor a long time volunteer for steadfast support and guidance.

2017 Melanie Oswalt Moriches Yacht Club Treasurer 2010-2017; Intensely cooperated with officers and all clubs; Reviewed and supported improved insurance policies for GSBYRA. Loyally supported the GSBYRA Scholarship Fund by running full page ads in the yearbook for Sayville Ford, where she is CEO.
2016 Gerard Holwell Bay Shore Yacht Club & South Bay Cruising Club President 2007-2008; Chairman of the GSBYRA Sailing Grant Committee 2009-present; Chairman of the GSBYRA Championship Boats Committee 2000-2006; Commodore Bay Shore Yacht Club 1998-1999; Awards photo contibutor to GSBYRA yearbook; Provided Race Week Committee boat Galatea for many years.
2015 Russell Pearson Bay Shore Yacht Club & Bellport Bay Yacht Club President 1996-1997, Chairman of the GSBYRA Championship Boats and Sails Committee 2005-2014, Chairman of the GSBYRA Race Management Committee, certified US Sailing Judge, life long Great South Bay sailor, and competitor of Thistle in monohull handicap class.
2014 Alphonse Guardino Wet Pants Sailing Association Scorer using Sailwave for GSBYRA since 2005; Scorer for 432 boat 2004 USODA Nationals held in Patchogue Shorefront Park; Past Commodore of Wet Pants Sailing Association 1992; accomplished photographer of people for GSBYRA yearbook and website; Hobie 18 competitor and O'Day sailor.
2013 MaryAnn Deering Bellport Bay Yacht Club President 2009-2010; Editor of Yearbook 1989 to present; Computerized yearbook; Webmaster who redesigned site 2005 to present; Advocated introduction of Optimist class on bay; Championed better sailing instruction; Competitor in Hobie 16, Tornado and Marshall 18 classes since 1973.
2012 Phillip Burr Linker Sayville Yacht Club President 1994-1995; Generously supplied Race Committee boat and another support boat for many GSBYRA regattas including Race Week and National Championships for over 20 years; Caretaker of the historic GSBYRA Perpetual Trophies; Competitor in a Marshall Sandpiper 15 foot catboat.
2010 Michelle Pittman South Bay Cruising Club
Treasurer 2003-2009; Digitized book keeping after locating hand written records of her deceased predecessor; Reviewed and supported improved insurance policies for GSBYRA.
2009 Dianne C. Schmidt Bay Shore Yacht Club
Championship Co-ordinator since 1996; Long time organizer of Midget Challenge at US Coast Guard Academy and organizer of Junior Challenge at SUNY Maritime; Member of multiple women's championship teams at Area B; Competitor in Narrasketuck Fleet as crew 1966-84 and as skipper since 1985.
2008 Glenn Schmidt Bay Shore Yacht Club
Delegate to US SAILING since 2000; President 1986-87; Established Sailing Grants in 1988 and served as committee member through 2008; Nominating Committee member since 1988; Negotiated purchase of 2 Flying Scots & 12 suits of sails & sale of 6 Mobjacks in 2006; Handled advertising sales of yearbook since 1989; Long time US SAILING certified Club Race Officer.
2007 William B. Ludlum Sayville Yacht Club
President 1980-81; Esteemed advisor to presidents since 1982; Nominating Committee Member since 1982; Member of Race Week Race Committee 1982-2006; Chairman of the Sailing Grant Commmittee 1988-2006; Long time US SAILING certified Club Race Officer and Judge..
2006 Elizabeth Atwood Bayberry Yacht Club
Secretary 1984-2006; Long time Race Week Race Committee member; Long time organizer of Awards Dinners and food preparer through 2005.