Gulden Trophy

Awarded to the GSBYRA Full Member Club junior triple-handed championship team with the highest place finish, the Gulden Trophy was donated by Frank Gulden, Past Commodore of Bay Shore Yacht Club in 1931-34, and in 1939. Each club may enter an unlimited number of teams in the GSBYRA Championship. Female or male competitors must have reached their 13th but not their 19th birthday during the calendar year in which th event is held. Originally GSBYRA sailed this event in various classes, sailed in Association owned Mobjacks from 1964-2004, and now sails the event in the Flying Scot using Association owned sails. This event is a feeder to the open Area B semifinal to the Chubb US Sailing Junior Triple-handed Championship for the Sears Cup. Bay Shore Yacht Club hosted the 2015 Area B. Additionally this event is a feeder to the Junior Challenge. (Revised 3/15/16, 3/2/17)

2016 Tim Jurgielewicz; Matthew Linehan, Danny Strebel

Westhampton Yacht Squadron








2016 Tim Jurgielewicz; Matt Linehan, Danny Strebel Westhampton Yacht Squadron
2015 Wally Dawydiak; Matthew Linehan, Danny Strebel Westhampton Yacht Squadron
2014 Brandon tenHoopen; Helena Schnorr, John Friend Bay Shore Yacht Club
2013 Macklin Fluehr; Tim Curry, Wally Dawydiak Westhampton Yacht Squadron
2012 Macklin Fluehr; Wyatt Foglia, Jessica Sivin Westhampton Yacht Squadron
2011 Austin Hulse; Hunter Hulse, Hunter Skorobohaty South Bay Watersports Association, Inc.
2010 Michael Purpura; James Fink, Luke Hickling Westhampton Yacht Squadron
2009 Brendan King; Joey Huberman, Conrad Volle Wet Pants Sailing Association
2008 Geoff Craz; Hansen Johnson, Oliver Evans Westhampton Yacht Squadron
2007 Chris Harris; Brendan King, Jessie Collins Wet Pants Sailing Association
2006 Doug Zangre; Jaclyn Zangre, Shawn Thomas Bay Shore Yacht Club
2005 Dan Hesse; Tim Gordon, Eileen Korinek Wet Pants Sailing Association
2004 Eric Everitt; Eric Kyle, Louie Stravinsky Bellport Bay Yacht Club
2003 Daniel Hesse; Tim Gordon, Eileen Korinek Wet Pants Sailing Association
2002 Daniel Hesse; Tim Gordon, Eileen Korinek Wet Pants Sailing Association
2001 Todd Kutkiewicz; Chris O'Brien, Dave Scott, Moriches Yacht Club
  Kevin McKeon  
2000 Giacomo Cassagro; Michael DiSario, Halsey Swann Westhampton Yacht Squadron
1999 Zachery Motl; Eric Everitt, Kari Rabatin Bellport Bay Yacht Club
1998 Matt Johnson; Grace LaFemina, Maggie Kaiser Sayville Yacht Club
1997 Michael Geoghan; Jayson Flynn, Brad Geoghan, Sayville Yacht Club
  Diana Flynn  
1996 Christopher McDermott; Zan Metznick, Kevin Brink Magoun Landing Yacht Club
1995 John Hunt; Matthew Ruddick, Justin Stang, Wet Pants Sailing Association
  alternate - Daniel Ruddick  
1994 Kevin Morgan; Justin Stang, John Hunt, Wet Pants Sailing Association
  Andrew Larson  
1993 Artie Leiz; Jim Curran, James Leiz Narrasketuck Yacht Club
1992 Artie Leiz; Jim Curran, Emily Hoppe, Narrasketuck Yacht Club
  alternate-James Leiz  
1991 John Zambriski; Kevin Dushenchuck, Kevin Morgan Wet Pants Sailing Association
1990 Max Haspel; Christopher Batty, Luke Buxton Babylon Yacht Club
1989 Brian Elliot; Christine Accettella, Brian Cooper, Sayville Yacht Club
  Kevin Regan  
1988 Max Haspel; Christine Accettella, Kevin Regan Babylon Yacht Club
1987 Sean Hickey; Richard Genthner, David Padden Bay Shore Yacht Club
1986 Sean Tortora; Chris Majore, Scott Knight Narrasketuck Yacht Club
1985 Paul Meyhoefer; Jon Koller, Sean Tortora Narrasketuck Yacht Club
1984 Paul Meyhoefer; Jon Koller, Craig Rau Narrasketuck Yacht Club
1983 Danny Cameron; Bryon Cameron, Paul-Jon Patin Sayville Yacht Club
1982 Douglas Meyhoefer; Richard Brouse, Patrick Bain Narrasketuck Yacht Club
1981 Christopher Palmer; Paul Abel, Ron Homa Wet Pants Sailing Association
1980 Christopher Palmer; Paul Abel, Jack Geoghan Wet Pants Sailing Association
1979 Daniel Strongin; John Kispert, David Bieselin Moriches Yacht Club
1978 David Price; Daniel Strongin, John Kispert Moriches Yacht Club
1977 Ron Thompson; Helen Geraghty, Greg Goodwin Narrasketuck Yacht Club
1976 David Price; Daniel Strongin, Jim Davis Moriches Yacht Club
1975 David Price; Jim Davis, Craig Privett Moriches Yacht Club
1974 Chris McQuilkin; Tom Leber, Kathy Donoghue Wet Pants Sailing Association
1973 Steve Baldwin; Alan Scharfe, John Swan Babylon Yacht Club
1972 Steve Baldwin; Alan Scharfe, William Weinschenk Babylon Yacht Club
1971 Steve Baldwin; Gorton Baldwin 3rd, Chris de Murias Babylon Yacht Club
1970 Mark Powell; Skip Vokle, Luke Powell Wet Pants Sailing Association
1969 Stephan E. Scopinich; Lyle Baird, May Baird Shinnecock Yacht Club
1968 Steve Andon; Camille Baird, Stephan E. Scopinich, Westhampton Yacht Squadron
  Thomas L. Lane  
1967 William Pagels; Eric Horn, Bruce McDonald Wet Pants Sailing Association
1966 Chris Andon; Steve Andon, Denese Dalmasse Westhampton Yacht Squadron
1965 David Van Nostrand; William Martin, Unqua Corinthian Yacht Club
  Glen Robinson  
1964 Stephen W. Bedell; Bruce C. Suydam, Bellport Bay Yacht Club
  Nicholas Palevsky, Robert B. Bedell  
1963 Stuart Brayshaw; Robert Gilmore, Peter Pasch Babylon Yacht Club
1962 Happy Fauth; Stuart Brayshaw, Robert Gilmore Babylon Yacht Club
1961 Happy Fauth; Stuart Brayshaw, Robert de Young, Babylon Yacht Club
  Frederic Becker  
1960 Happy Fauth; Robert Abbot, Stuart Brayshaw, Babylon Yacht Club
  Robert de Young  
1959 William Park 3rd; Budge Upton, Joseph Upton Point O' Woods Yacht Squadron
1958 James Simes; Peter Godfrey, John Hejinian, Westhampton Yacht Squadron
  Canute Dalmasse  
1957 James Simes; Peter Godfrey, George Carmany, Westhampton Yacht Squadron
  Robert Rice  
1956 James Simes; Robert Rice, Pamela Fenner, Westhampton Yacht Squadron
  George Carmany  
1955 Samuel Beard; Edwin Thorne Jr., Janet Furguson Bayberry Yacht Club
1954 Robert O'Hara; William Parke, John Hotchkin, Point O' Woods Yacht Squadron
  Skip McGuire  
1953 Peter Fenner; Peter Seibert, Louise Rice, Westhampton Yacht Squadron
  Lee Simes  
1952 Peter Fenner; Peter Seibert, Bayard Fenner, Westhampton Yacht Squadron
  Lee Simes, Louise Rice  
1951 George Fenner; Peter Fenner, Louise Rice, Westhampton Yacht Squadron
  Peter Seibert  
1950 D. Klesick; R. Heckel, A. Bell, W. Jenkins Narrasketuck Yacht Club
1949 Charles Weilbacher; Robert Weeks, Jr., Babylon Yacht Club
  William Braddon  
1948 Kennedy W. Purdy, Jr.; John E. Springhorn, Sayville Yacht Club
  Richard T. Van Wyen  
1947 Fredric A. Alling, Jr.; Frank L. Driver, 3rd, Quantuck Yacht Club
  James D. Dana  
1946 J. C. Hermus; W. L. Hard, J. Parson, Bellport Bay Yacht Club
  T. T. Everitt, Jr.  
1945 - 1943 Not raced for  
1942 William G. Nagle; Ward Doerchuck, Lewis Pounds Westhampton Yacht Squadron
1941 Arthur Pounds; William Nagle, Charles Clifton Westhampton Yacht Squadron
1940 Prall Culviner; James W. Sayre, Point O' Woods Yacht Squadron
  William S. Shannon  
1939 William H. Torrey; Vincent Ryan, Dan Whittlesey Babylon Yacht Club
1938 A. C. Nagle, Jr.; Barney Edwards, Arthur Pounds Country Club of Westhampton Beach Yacht Squadron
1937 A. C. Nagle, Jr.; Martin Fink, S. Edward Nash Country Club of Westhampton Beach Yacht Squadron
1936 Neil Froeb; Arma Andon, S. Edward Nash Country Club of Westhampton Beach Yacht Squadron
1935 Norman P. Findley; W. Ansell Tuthill, S. Edward Nash Country Club of Westhampton Beach Yacht Squadron
1934 Frederick F. Zimmerman; David Lawrence, Babylon Yacht Club
  William T. Hayward  
1933 Downer Buhrer; Edith Penelope Miller, Albert Rising Bay Shore Yacht Club