William H. Picken Trophy

Awarded to the Midget Championship team with the highest place finish, the William H. Picken Trophy was donated by his family to honor him as a Past GSBYRA President 1937-1941. Each club is allowed to enter an unlimited number of teams. Female or male competitors cannot have reached their 15th birthday during the calendar year, and all members of the team must be members of the same Full Member Club. Originally GSBYRA used various boats, including Association owned Mobjacks from 1964-2004, before using the Club 420 with spinnaker and trapeze. This event is a feeder to the Middle Atlantic Championship for the Great South Bay Bowl, an event devised in 1955 and rotated among eight Regional Associations: Eastern Connecticut, Eastern Long Island, Great South Bay, Hudson River, Barnegat Bay, Chesapeake Bay, North Jersey, and South Jersey. Additionally this event is a feeder to the Midget Challenge. GSBYRA hosts the 2019 Middle Atlantic Midget Championship. (Revised 3/15/16, 3/2/17)

* An asterisk denotes a winner of the Great South Bay Bowl.

2016 Henry Smyth; Jade Jackey

Westhampton Yacht Squadron








2016 Henry Smyth; Jade Jackey Westhampton Yacht Squadron
2015 Maxwell Lawrence; Nicholas Patin Point O' Woods Yacht Squadron
2014 Brendan Keenan; Katie Byrnes Sayville Yacht Club
2013 Evie Cannell; Isabelle Chandler Point O' Woods Yacht Squadron
2012 Tim Jurgielewicz; Ava Dawydiak Westhampton Yacht Squadron
2011 Will Vakay, Wally Dawydiak Westhampton Yacht Squadron
  * Hunter Hulse; Nicholas Garone South Bay Watersports Association
2010 * Hunter Hulse; Nicholas Garone Moriches Yacht Club
2009 * Austin Hulse; Hunter Hulse Moriches Yacht Club
2008 * Austin Hulse; Hunter Hulse Moriches Yacht Club
2007 Clarence J. O’Connor; Alexandra Thomas Bay Shore Yacht Club
2006 Mike Purpura; James Fink Westhampton Yacht Squadron
2005 Britton Rose; Michael Byrnes Sayville Yacht Club
2004 Britton Rose; Michael Byrnes, Sayville Yacht Club
  Alyssa Kelley, Patrick Fischer  
2003 Terrance Geoghan; Kylie Cremer, Sayville Yacht Club
  Kyle Geoghan, Bobby Honce  
2002 Thomas Bieslin; Eric Kjeldsen, Babylon Yacht Club
  Chris Goodwin, Kevin Schroeder  
2001 Daniel Hesse; Eileen Korinek, Wet Pants Sailing Association
  Sarah Kennedy, Tim Gordon  
2000 Eric Everitt; Rob Pearson, Bellport Bay Yacht Club
  Miles Roe, Ashley Healy  
1999 Dillon Cook; Eric Geib, Westhampton Yacht Squadron
  Leah Frankman, Edith Lederman  
1998 Brian Schroeder; Justin Grover Babylon Yacht Club
  Patrick Sullivan, Barry Corbett  
1997 * Paul Krause; Kevin Krause, Sayville Yacht Club
  Daniel Thorvaldsen, Diana Flynn  
1996 Paul Krause; Kevin Krause, Sayville Yacht Club
  Daniel Thorvaldsen, Diana Flynn  
1995 Cary Siegler; Jamie Hoyler, Babylon Yacht Club
  Jared Racicot, PJ Regan  
1994 Laura Kate Mina; Andrew Ryan, Bay Shore Yacht Club
  Miles Wheeler, Colleen Finnerty  
1993 Michael Geoghan; Tom Desmond, Sayville Yacht Club
  Katie Larson, Rachel Meehan  
1992 Gorty Baldwin Jr.; Kevin Rund, Babylon Yacht Club
  Adam Szakmary, Jim Grover  
1991 Andrew Larson; Kelly Miller, Sayville Yacht Club
  Richard Murray, William Murray  
1990 Ralph Coffill; Steven Sadoff, Westhampton Yacht Squadron
  Lowell McLinskey, Ryan King  
1989 Arthur Leiz; James Leiz, Narrasketuck Yacht Club
  Brendon Connelly, James Curran  
1988 Karen Meyhoefer; Andrea Lally, Narrasketuck Yacht Club
  Emily Hoppe, Artie Leiz  
1987 Max Haspel; Alex Alexander, Babylon Yacht Club
  Kevin Regan, Chris Batty  
1986 Christine Accettella; Max Haspel, Babylon Yacht Club
  Chris Batty, Kevin Regan  
1985 Andrew Cameron; Peter Thiel, Sayville Yacht Club
  Michael Bennett, Chris Nicosia  
1984 Scott Cullen; Matthew Antos, Bellport Bay Yacht Club
  Christopher Cullen, Andrew Furman  
1983 Mary Kispert; Bradley Horn, Moriches Yacht Club
  Cris Runyan, Tom Tebbins, Billy Honan  
1982 * Paul Meyhoefer; Sean Tortora, Narrasketuck Yacht Club
  Lauren Paciullo, John Koller  
1981 Danny Cameron; Michael Sheils, Sayville Yacht Club
  Bryan Cameron, Paul-Jon Patin  
1980 * Douglas Meyhoefer; Adam Koller, Narrasketuck Yacht Club
  Paul Meyhoefer, Patrick Bain  
1979 Richard Brouse; Douglas Meyhoefer, Narrasketuck Yacht Club
  Beth Davidson, Paul Meyhoefer  
1978 Paul Mulford; Nancy Lawlor, Babylon Yacht Club
  Chris Heilpern, Jasen Burke  
1977 Scott Apmann; Tracy Storer, Westhampton Yacht Squadron
  Willy Ringhoff, Jane Brophy  
1976 Ron Thompson; Paul McCann, Narrasketuck Yacht Club
  Roger Piacentini, Greg Goodwin  
1975 * David Price; Jim Davis, Moriches Yacht Club
  Craig Privett, Daniel Strongin  
1974 David Price; David Strongin, Moriches Yacht Club
  Craig Privett, James Davis  
1973 Wayne Hulse; David Strongin, David Price Moriches Yacht Club
1972 Chris McQuilkin; Peter Haines,  
  Missy Powell, Kathy Donoghue Wet Pants Sailing Association
1971 Howard Shiebler; Susan Everitt, Babylon Yacht Club
  Tom O'Keefe, Barbara Van Bourgondien  
1970 Christopher de Murias; Matthew Crowell, Babylon Yacht Club
  Steve Baldwin, Peter Young  
1969 John Swan; Hans Seidenberg, Babylon Yacht Club
  Russell Eberle, David Gilmore  
1968 Peter Young; Julian Davies, Babylon Yacht Club
  Joe Hayden, Bob Eberle, Chris deMurias  
1967 Tatsuo Shirane; Hunter Smith, Bellport Bay Yacht Club
  Lee Christoffersen, Susan Hendrie  
1966 John Altman; Helen Altman, Westhampton Yacht Squadron
  Robin Storer, Beecher Halsey  
1965 Peter Tarr; John Walbridge, Babylon Yacht Club
  Henry Fass, Stephen Post  
1964 David Van Nostrand; Glenn Robinson, Unqua Corinthian Yacht Club
  Hobart Baker, Chris Matteson  
1963 Douglas Simes; Wallace Matteson, Westhampton Yacht Squadron
  Richard Clifton  
1962 Bruce Kennedy; Jim Lowis, Narrasketuck Yacht Club
  Richard Meyerrose  
1961 * Steve Bedell; Nicholas Palevsky, Bellport Bay Yacht Club
  John Coon  
1960 * Stuart Brayshaw; John Boylan, Babylon Yacht Club
  Bob Gilmore, Fred Becker  
1959 Stuart Brayshaw; John Boylan, Babylon Yacht Club
  Robert Gilmore, Happy Fauth  
1958 Howard E. Cox, Jr.; Sair Betts, Quantuck Yacht Squadron
  Martha Ryan, Charlie Donahue  
1957 Bruce C. Driver; Howard Cox, Jr., Westhampton Yacht Squadron
  Eddie Cox  
1956 Peter S. Hewlett; Enos T. Throop, Cedarhurst Yacht Club
  Denny Herknes  
1955 William M. Parke ; Peter O'Hara, Point O' Woods Yacht Squadron
  Carl Ferenbach, Deale Parke  
1954 John Moore; Edwin Thorne, Bayberry Yacht Club
  Gordon Thorne, Buddy Havemeyer  
1953 Billy Deale; Nicky Orr, Babylon Yacht Club
  Mickey McCauley, Pat Daily  
1952 Pheobe Jones; Jean Braddon, Babylon Yacht Club
  Sheila McCauley, Nicky Orr  
1951 Brinkley Snowdon, Jr.; Lee Jane Simes, Westhampton Yacht Squadron
  Nancy Simes, Pamela Fenne  
1950 Anson Beard, Jr.; Frank Gulden 3rd, Bayberry Yacht Club
  Alfred G. Lynn, Richard Perkins, Jr.  
1949 Jack Barnes; Bobby Fajens, Narrasketuck Yacht Club
  Tony Barton, Kurt Eisenhardt  
1948 J. Cary Thomas; Alden Hatch, Cedarhurst Yacht Club
  Eben Knowlton, Tom Williams  
1947 Mary A. North; Lee Wardwell, Cedarhurst Yacht Club
  Alice Ehrenclow  
1946 Fred Mewhinney; Foster Reed Bay Shore Yacht Club
1945 - 1943 Not raced for  
1942 John C. Snedeker; Duncan Galbreth, Babylon Yacht Club
  William T. Healy  
1941 Joseph Haggerty; John Lewis, Westhampton Yacht Squadron
  Henry O'Brien, Carol Pounds  
1940 Hugh H. Connett; Richmond Y. Holden, Shinnecock Yacht Club
  George L. Degener, Edwin Shuttleworth 3rd  
1939 Osborn Elliot; Bill King, Bellport Bay Yacht Club
  Terrance McGuirk, Spencer Phillips  
1938 Terrance McGuirk; Osborn Elliott, Bellport Bay Yacht Club
  Doug Gordon, Nancy Underhill  
1937 Arthur Pounds; Barney Edwards, Country Club of Westhampton Beach Yacht Squadron
  H. R. Culver, Jr.  
1936 Harold Connett, Jr.; George S. Brainard Shinnecock Yacht Club
  Annetta C. Schroeder