Remmer Trophy

Awarded for the best overall JY 15 season performance in the winter series*, the Remmer Trophy commemorates the support of the family, owners of the Snapper Inn, toward the development of JY 15 Fleet 38. The many friends of the Remmer family donated the trophy in 2000. The winter series competitors sail from the grounds of the Snapper Inn. (* Amended 2016)

2017 Lee Montes

Wet Pants Sailing Association







2017 Lee Montes Wet Pants Sailing Association
2016 Lee Montes Wet Pants Sailing Association
2015 Not awarded  
2014 Ian Holzmacher; Lauren DiSimone Narrasketuck
2013 Not awarded  
2012 Not awarded  
2011 Kevin Brink; Lindsay Brink Babylon Yacht Club
2010 Not awarded  
2009 Jimi Grover; Jon Hoyle Babylon Yacht Club
2008 Jimi Grover; Brendan King Babylon Yacht Club
2007 Jimi Grover; Colleen Grover Babylon Yacht Club
2006 Jimi Grover; Erin Collins Babylon Yacht Club
2005 Daniel Hesse; Eileen Koinek Wet Pants Sailing Association
2004 Greg Schneller; John Schroeder Babylon Yacht Club
2003 Daniel Hesse; Eileen Korinek Wet Pants Sailing Association
2002 Not awarded  
2001 Erich Hesse Wet Pants Sailing Association
2000 Greg Schneller Babylon Yacht Club